Surfing Costa Rica

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Surfing is a fantastic experience. The beach, the sun and the waves, what could be any better than that?

During winter in Canada, people dream of escaping to a sunny destination like Costa Rica. Some even consider Costa Rica surfing as a great option… others have never thought about it, but should. The people are as warm as the land they live in and costs are reasonable.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country with many surfing options. Businesses interested in ranking highly for the travel industry quickly realize that competition is extremely high. It is also a very lucrative sector and many of their prospects research online for months before deciding or purchasing, this is also why competition is elevated.

For a business wishing to be found in Canada for terms like surf trips or SUP Costa Rica it is a long and hard road to conquer top rankings.


Introducing, Water Dreams.

Water Dreams has a very well organized website, with all the relevant information required by a user when trying to understand the options for surfing and SUP in Costa Rica.

They offer surfing and SUP lessons, trips, camps and tours. Catering to the novice and to the advanced surfer as well. Families, groups and the occasional single traveler, all find a great option within Water Dreams.

Nested in the community of Playa Samara, in the region of Guanacaste in Costa Rica, you can visit the nearby volcano, go bike riding through the jungle or fishing on the sea. This company offers to organize any type of dream adventure vacation you may have and then some.

If you are an advanced surfer and dream about surf tours in Costa Rica, the staff of Water Dreams knows all the secret spots and can take you to the best waves around. A personalized tour with your very own guide, these are offered in small groups, usually no larger than 3 or 4 people per trip.

Don’t have your own boards, Water Dreams also rents all the equipment you need. For your next vacation, go surfing in Costa Rica, it will be a trip to remember.

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