Design the right website

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The design of the right website is one of the most essential points of any digital marketing plan. It is no longer enough to have a simple brochure webpage, it is important to consider several different … Read More

Renovations Waterloo

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Waterloo, Ontario is a beautiful town. Housing is high quality, the standard of living is superior and the people are very friendly. If you find yourself living in this beautiful small city, you are lucky.

Surfing Costa Rica

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Surfing is a fantastic experience. The beach, the sun and the waves, what could be any better than that? During winter in Canada, people dream of escaping to a sunny destination like Costa Rica. Some even … Read More

Online marketing basics

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For several years now, an online presence has been an extremely important asset in business and startups. Companies look at an seo firm as an actual partner more than a simple service provider and web design … Read More

Counselling on the web

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Small businesses and independent professionals (like consultants) are experiencing a rapid presence growth in the web. This is particularly true if we talk about professionals related to the health markets. Doctors, dentists or simply businesses that … Read More

Multiple rankings for one keyword

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To obtain the first place in some keyword phrases that have a high conversion rate is one of the most important goals in our business, this is also to improve the benefits obtained for a company working with us.

SEO… what?

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…even people who use the internet fairly regularly, have difficulty understanding the whole concept of “online marketing” or ideas like “search engine optimization”.

SEO for fun

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SEO is sometimes referred as an art, a skill, a craft and even a science. However it is never referred as something people just do for fun.

Yellow Pages: When a monster is cornered

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Everybody remembers the days when Yellow Pages was the place to get all business information you needed. You wanted a service or product, didn’t know where to get it, you looked into the Yellow Pages. However, times have changed dramatically.

Stars to die on December 1

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On December 1 Ryan Seacrest, Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Justin Timberlake will stop tweeting and posting on facebook. Videos of their deaths will be posted online where people will be able to see them in their coffins. All of this has been organized by Alicia Keys and will not stop until $1 million dollars is raised.