Get more clicks without affecting Rank

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It is possible to get more organic search traffic without increasing your google rankings.

When users look for a service or product online, the results from Google all compete against each other for attention. Since the use of images in search results is limited (or non-existent) and all you have a words to compete, these words are the most important asset. The information that Google displays on search results is called the “search snippet”.

What is click-through rate optimization?

CTR (click-through rate) optimization is a process getting more clicks from search impressions by making your search snippet more attractive and appealing. It doesn’t always mean adding more words or 5 exclamation marks.

Enter the concept of “click magnet”

There are many factors which impact a user’s decision to click on something. These factors include:

  • Title and Description
    • Clarity, Appeal, Keywords, Call to Action, Message, Query Match, Intent Match, Curiosity Factor
  • Special SERP Features
    • Knowledge Graph Panel or Carousel, Featured Snippets, Video / News / Image Results
  • Search Context
    • Timing, Location, Device
  • Attractiveness of Competing Results
  • Rich Snippets / Schema
  • Brand Recognition
  • Local Results
  • Rank

The list is pretty long, but these elements above are a good place to start.

While some of the factors are out of the website owner’s control and fully in Google’s, that is why it is so important to focus all efforts in the ones we can affect. Description, Titles, Schema, Locality come to mind as the most obvious and the best to optimize, but there are some hidden jewels in there as well.

Like the Pros: Less is More

When you have a page full of long and wordy search results, perhaps reducing the amount of information and being more precise will make your snippet and page link more attractive. The white space you leave will create a natural separation for the eye to rest on and in turn give your snippet more quality time with the user.

How to know?

Your CTR data is available in Google’s Search Console. Professional digital marketing firms will connect your analytics to your search console and grant you access to the information you need. Look for CTR information on search queries and pay special attention to those results with a low or poor CTR value. Those are the starting point for improving your clicks without improving your rank.


CTR optimization is by far the quickest and most effective way to drive new organic traffic. This is also very basic SEO Guelph, which often gets ignored or is done poorly.

Before you start chasing links and dreaming up major content marketing campaigns, perhaps it would be wise to make sure your SERP snippets are up to snuff and bring home the bacon.