What is and how can Google My Business help you?

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The Marketing StuffIn a global economy, competition is a lot bigger than what your grandparents faced in their time. Currently, there are over 400 million small businesses that compete for attention all over the world. Actually, we don’t know the exact number and can’t possibly find it, simply because an official number would not consider how many people start their businesses in their basement or their backyard shed or kitchen table and just go for it before even registering. In some countries, that can be the majority of people!

How many small businesses are in your town or city? What about your region, state, province? It is a difficult number to quantify, but we are sure you know of at least 10 competitors in your own industry. In this situation, is difficult to hide from the fact that even though there are millions of searches every day, there are millions of businesses competing for the prime spots and clients’ dollars.

As stated above, you may be aware of at least 10 other local businesses who you compete with. And these are just the ones you know of, there are many more that don’t pop up on your radar!

Now, you just got your website created and is finally live. Also, you have someone promoting your business and services on social media, perhaps a marketer or even just nehpew Joe who just did a course in school or is good with computers. But that is not enough.

Because competition keeps growing every day, you need to look into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and consider at least getting your own Google My Business profile.

But, what is Google My Business you ask? It’s a flexible tool that allows small businesses to create a profile and be found by Google local searches..

For example, someone may search “home renovators Kitchener” or “psychologist Oakville” and if your business is related to the search and top ranked it will show in the first places.

If you have a renovations company in Kitchener or are a psychologist in Oakville, having your Google my Business profile will help your business show up among the first search results as well.

The results are easy to see, you will get more clicks, leads and sales.

Seeting up a Google my Business profile is simple and quick. So, what are you waiting, get your profile as soon as possible and start getting all the benfits of being listed.