How to obtain maximum benefit from your online marketing

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Online marketing has become one of the main tools at our disposal, no longer in the hands of multinationals or large corporations, but available to all those who want to optimize their online presence, regardless of the size of their business.

This is why, digital marketing or online marketing has the quality of being able to adapt to company size, but also to goals and objectives and above all, the level of investment that an organization wishes to set at any given time.

From our Marketing Stuff blog, we will discuss some of these points as they apply to companies of different sizes and budgets, to see how these techniques can help them achieve their objectives. (more…)

So… what’s the offer? Or strategies for a downward market

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Took it while shopping for groceries the other day, this is a great offer no one can resist. 1 pack of wieners for $3.49 or 2 for $7!

As a matter of fact, most of the store was offering “discounts” and “special offers”. I’ve noticed that in this particular store, they normally have a rotation of offers to keep products circulating. (more…)

Web Design: Want to sell? Tell me to buy!

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How can a business be successful without sales? How can you sell without asking me to buy? This is simple, yet, many people forget this easy basic element of selling. You have a great product, its packaged brilliantly and its in your office waiting for me to buy. I may, by chance, get to see it, but I may think its there to adorn your desk. If you want me to buy it, you need to tell me you are selling it! How does this translate to internet marketing?

We spend a lot of time and effort creating great web design but we forget that the most important element is what’s makes things happen… “a call to action”. The concept is simple, you have a product and its shown in your website all over the place. It looks pretty, it has a price, but most people won´t take action unless the required action is obvious. If you want a visitor to fill a form, state it clearly with text and design, make it obvious. If you want a visitor to buy, show the “buy now” button clearly.

What can a brilliantly executed idea do?

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Pencil sharpener and pencil.
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What is an artisanal pencil sharpener? Well, most of us remember when we had to sharpen our No. 2s in school. I still remember how in between classes I had to sharpen my pencil and the pride and peace it brought having an excellently sharpened pencil, specially if they didn’t break. There were cheap pencil sharpeners that almost invariably resulted in a broken tip. And then, there were others that sharpened the pencil like a really pointy dagger. So, there are sharpened pencils and Sharpened pencils. (more…)

Web design on the cheap

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It is fairly common to hear things like: “my friend is a programmer and will help me with a website” and “my son knows a lot about computers and he can design my website“. People these days think that the internet and specially, internet marketing is so simple that any person with basic computer skills and probably some design or programming skills can promote with great success a business online. Worst still, most people only think in terms of a website, when online marketing is so much more.