Yellow Pages: When a monster is cornered

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Everybody remembers the days when Yellow Pages was the place to get all business information you needed. You wanted a service or product, didn’t know where to get it, you looked into the Yellow Pages. However, times have changed dramatically. (more…)

Stars to die on December 1

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On December 1 Ryan Seacrest, Lady Gaga, Serena Williams and Justin Timberlake will stop tweeting and posting on facebook. Videos of their deaths will be posted online where people will be able to see them in their coffins. All of this has been organized by Alicia Keys and will not stop until $1 million dollars is raised. (more…)

#NewTwitter: Twitter’s big announcement

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Twitter had a “big” press conference yesterday evening. They sent out invitations with little explanation of what was about to be revealed. The invitees felt the excitement in the air, the secret was filling the room and the Twitter employees giddily smiled, barely containing the secret.

Twitter was a flurry of tweets, even people (like me) who were not present in the conference were hanging from every tweet from TechCrunch and others talking about what was going on in the event. (more…)

Of Press Bloggers and Prime Ministers

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Every day I see the web grow, become more important and transcendent. The internet has come from being a toy for little geeks like me hidden in a basement to an everyday tool for everyone. From its humble origins, to what it is becoming today, the road has been long, but really fast compared to any other medium.

The following are two good examples of what the web is accomplishing: (more…)

Google is google is google…

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So Google is having a killer week. They just released several things out and plan on stomping on everything and everyone of their competitors. Just when you thought Bing was quirky, but if fixed may have a chance, Google comes out and shows some brawn by pushing out several new products and features in about two days grace. (more…)

Google’s cool new page!

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Have you noticed the new über-cool fading effect in the Google’s home page?

Yes, indeed! Google’s new home page has a fading effect after you move your mouse cursor on the screen.

The guys at Google really went out on this one and have yet again, amazed us. (more…)

Story of the Wave and the Raindrop

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Once upon a time there was a little wave that came to shore. It splashed and splashed and people talked about how splashy it was. It really tried and was able to get some people wet, and people increasingly wondered, will this wave actually be the next big hit online? (more…)

Are you sure this is good?

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I get a lot of news from my RSS feeds every day. Usually I skim through looking for any relevant news. Today, I found out that we are on the edge of science fiction! Well, maybe not so much the edge, but it is a bit of fun and interesting news.

I am a sucker for technology and games and an even bigger sucker for game’s technologies. Can you imagine playing your favorite game in 3D? On your laptop? (more…)

Windows 7 makes a splash

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Windows 7 has beaten Harry Potter’s Amazon UK preorder record. It is officially the most preordered item in the history of Amazon UK. That is something interesting. I keep wondering if Windows 7 will be as good as it seems.


Twitter to be part of Bing and Google searches

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Bing joins Twitter
Bing Tweets - Twitter to show in Bing

Direct from Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco, we receive news of the future in search. What is being called “real time search” which involves using data from Twitter, facebook and similar services to include information currently surging about a search. In this regard, Bing has taken a big step forward by securing a deal with Twitter to include Tweets in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). (more…)

Bing is up!

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After some days of incredible anguish, Bing webmaster central is up and running again! Still, Bing makes me cringe every time I visit it. The crawling is still erratic and still in need of some serious fix up. It does not make any sense that Bing’s bots will crawl a site but only take 1 page or 2 instead of the whole content. Or that it will suddenly take 5 pages and leave to never come back or come back and take 1 more page… you get the idea.

Bing... the indecision engine.
Bing… the indecision engine.


Bing is down!

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If you have a webmaster center account in Bing, you may have noticed that Bing’s webmaster center has been down for some days. This has prompted some to speculate the reason behind such a problem and left many a good webmaster hanging for dear life as they can’t review the information about their sites. Some claim this might be the end of the world and that without Bing no human can find information online anymore. I think that’s just way overboard. (more…)

New FTC regulations in the ‘States… good or bad?

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The Federal Trade Commission in the US has recently released new guidelines for endorsements. That usually makes no ping online, but as it is, the FTC has added that bloggers are also to be regulated and have now a duty to disclose any “material” connections with the products they recommend. They now consider blogger’s opinions that recommend a product an endorsement and when the blogger has received a gift or payment in cash for the endorsement, he/she is obliged to disclose this fact. (more…)