Drop it like it´s hot! Top 10 reasons why the web is hot now

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Granted, internet marketing is all over the place these days. To hear all internet “gurus”, internet marketing is the non-plus-ultra of the marketing world. Not to swim against the current, your friendly neighbourhood marketing guy, a.k.a. me, has decided to make a list of the 10 top reasons why the web is hot and will continue to be hot for a while longer (some even predict that it will not stop for a very long time).


It’s not just about size… skill also matters (when promoting your company)

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It is quite unbelievable that most companies and business owners still think that being online is just about creating a website and forgetting about it. As most people already know, creating a website is just the very first step of many, many more steps in creating a successful marketing strategy. In fact, nowadays, some marketing gurus do not even use a website to promote products or services.

OpenSource Analytics
OpenSource Analytics

All is good and great as far as creating a website and promoting it goes. But that is far from it. There are several tools to measure the marketing efforts. It is vitally important to measure every single thing done online, otherwise, there is a big possibility that our efforts may go in vane.


Tweet Tweet… embrace your inner bird!

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Is twitter an important part of our internet world? To most people, this is not even a question. Twitter has become such a phenomenon that everybody (and I mean, everybody) is using it. Don’t believe me, look for someone and odds are, you will find that person in twitter. Now, the reason it matters, is because it allows marketing to happen too. Not only people are jumping into the twitter wagon, but also businesses, big multi-million dollar corporations go “tweet” on a regular basis.

Now, there are many ways to tweet. One can tweet in the morning, after breakfast, with a coffee, with green eggs and ham, over a goat, in a train, with a mouse, over the computer, in your cellphone, “crackberry” or iphone. Nothing says good morning better than opening your email and being greeted with a twitter message informing you that you have a new follower or getting the latest news through the fastest and quite unfiltered vine in the planet.

The amazing thing about it is that you don’t just get 1 follower, but all their followers get to see your tweets (if somewhat randomly). Talking about broadcasting yourself! (no pun intended)

Twitter is part of a healthy marketing strategy. Use it wisely, as it is usually the case with social media, an uncared twitter account or a minor misdemeanor, can become a big bad stain on your brand.

Tip #1 Get a twitter account

Tip #2 The very least, post links to your site or social profile

Tip #3 Be wise, don’t type without thinking