Drop it like it´s hot! Top 10 reasons why the web is hot now

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Granted, internet marketing is all over the place these days. To hear all internet “gurus”, internet marketing is the non-plus-ultra of the marketing world. Not to swim against the current, your friendly neighbourhood marketing guy, a.k.a. me, has decided to make a list of the 10 top reasons why the web is hot and will continue to be hot for a while longer (some even predict that it will not stop for a very long time).

    • Reason #1. Every effort has a way to be measured. Long gone are the days of “I don´t know what half of my budget is wasted”. All traffic can be measured, tracked and analyzed. Get on with it!
Caravaggio, David and Goliath 1599
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  • Reason #2. Highly Targeted. Don’t want to spend money targeting everybody? Want to focus only in people who are interested in your service? Smile! Internet marketing is here.
  • Reason #3. Its open 24 hours and works for minimum wage. No, its not your corner convenience super store or your grocery giant, sure, not even the big yellow “M” we all love, its internet marketing and it will never complain for working overtime.
  • Reason #4. David does beat Goliath. Even though I read the other day that David did not defeat Goliath (honest! If you don´t believe me, read Myth #4 in this 5 anythings blog), the metaphor applies. The small can look as big as they want and beat giants who are still slow to move online. You do it right, you can become the little engine that could and be giant online before your competition!
  • Reason #5. Power to the people! The internet has changed how we do business, whether we like it or not. People have choice and control, and are now able to demand better services, better customer care, better prices simply because if they don´t like your service, you may find a bad review floating on the web and scaring away potential customers (better be nice!).
  • Reason #6. It´s cheap. Well, maybe not that cheap, but definitively compare it to any other marketing method and you´ll see what I mean. One barely useful ad on the yellowpages… thousands of dollars a year. One 10 seconds TV ad at 2 in the morning… several thousands of dollars. One guy sitting in a basement while typing stuff in a laptop to promote your business… well, not priceless, but very well priced! (and no, I´m not in a basement, I live on the 10th floor!).
  • Reason #7. Two can talk, one million… These days, the internet is all about the so called “social media”. Social media is about creating conversations with your customers. You can find out where your business is going wrong and correct it or learn about new possible ways of increasing your revenue or diversifying your business or about new opportunities for your company… you get the idea.
  • Reason #8. Are you there every time? Repeated exposure improves the chances of a sale. Same reason why TV ads are played over and over, the client needs your service, when the client needs it, it is a good idea to be there when the client is looking.
  • Reason #9. Get real close… With internet marketing, you have a greater chance of building a relationship with your client. Through social media you can develop a close relationship, make your company more personal and familiar to your clients, so that when they are ready to buy, they  buy because they trust you and just because you are cheap!
  • Reason #10. No cheating! Being a trusted name for your clients also means repeat business as they get used to your product or service and become loyal. Of course, you have to take good care of them, pay attention to them and nurture the relationship and you will ensure loyal clients that will not cheat on you.

Phew! Made it through, had many more ideas, but I think these are pretty good and important. Internet marketing is very important now, but it will be even more important in the future, as more businesses go online. Many companies are actually finding new ways to save on real estate, payroll and paper by moving online.