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Pen en papier / Pen and paper
Image by Nationaal Archief via Flickr

Writing is not necessarily easy. Some people just get it, you have an idea, write a title and off they go. For most of us, however, the creative writing process can be somewhat more of a challenge.

Experts give different ways of coming up with new articles. Perform a Google search, throw words randomly, read the latest news, pray to your deity… but reality is, people write what people can write. Some write great thought provoking stuff, others simply write stuff.

Writing stuff is ok, every now and then you find a little pearl of wisdom and amaze yourself. What really matters is that you have to keep trying if you really want to write.

Just like learning how to ride a bicycle, most of us learn how to ride it to get to places or have a joy ride, or maybe even do a trick or two and only a few will actually be able to do the most amazing tricks. Learn your limits, but keep trying to widen them.

When looking for ideas I normally think of a message, browse a bit,  and then type a title. Some drafts end up in the trash, others make it to publishing. To keep up with all responsibilities, besides writing, that’s the challenge… so I write once or twice a month. Would be better if I could write more often and have time to research the subjects as fast as I need. As it is, I have a couple of big articles in the pocket, being researched and hopefully one day will make to the public light, if they are not too late.

What do you do for ideas? When you are writing, what is your process? Do you draft a lot or just jump into it?