Google, Yahoo, Bing in that strict order and with wide space in between

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The search engine battle is still pretty much at a standstill. Google, as everyone knows, is still number one. Yahoo is still trailing in second and Bing… well, let’s just say its not aLive.

Since Microsoft’s big launch of Bing, many people gave it a chance, but, as many frustrated users and webmasters can testify, it still has a lot of bugs to fix. For sure it gives good results for very important and known information, but beyond that, it has serious crawling issues as it is not indexing sites properly (or as far as most webmasters can tell by following Bing’s own instructions).

The so called “decision engine” has a lot of decisions to make if it wants to get some notice in the search engine game.

Here the graphs:

Is it me, or there is a slight breeze...
Is it me, or there is a slight breeze coming from the gap between Bing and the other search engines?
Is it me, or there is a slight breeze...
This was the scene before became… this is when MS execs began banging their heads against the wall.

Things are still all good and well with Google, so much that Matt Cutts (if you don’t know this guy, check out his blog for details) released an article inviting ONLY Yahoo search engineers to work at Google. As you read the article, notice the lack of invitation for Bing engineers.