Multiple rankings for one keyword

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To obtain the first place in some keyword phrases that have a high conversion rate is one of the most important goals in our business, this is also to improve the benefits obtained for a company working with us. In this regard, at SearchEngineOp we regularly talk about the importance of doing the right keyword selection for ranking, as well as the importance of obtaining qualified visitors to your website. Combining SEO (search engine optimization) strategies with google adwords, conversion and traffic increase exponentially.

Multiple rankings for one keyword: What is it?

This strategy is about having a strong domination of the market through one keyword or keyphrase in which the website is highly dominant, by creating a micro website or landing page with specialized content that supports the main site and provides more options for the searcher to find the information they are looking for while getting them to click on one of our web properties. We can also achieve this by having a strong social media presence in which the same keyphrase is optimized in each outpost, thus managing to rank several different pages in one keyword. The important part to consider is to work on each of those outposts and provide good relevance. Relevance is always the key.

Ranking Options: Multiple web pages

When one of our web pages or websites is strong enough and is well ranked, a parallel strategy is to create social media outposts or pages with related content within the same website. For example, if we are searching for counselling Guelph, we have a website like that provides counselling services within the city of Guelph, we can create a secondary web presence with a domain name like to try and position that new website for the same keyphrase so that we take two places in the first page of Google. Ideally you want to create a landing page where information is actually useful to the searcher. This page will act as a specific landing page for that keyphrase and talk directly to people interested in that specific search. By doing this, we create a highly relevant page that is very useful for the end user as it talks directly to them and at the same time we continue to work on ranking the general website, so that our business continues to be relevant. Both pages are useful, one is your main web presence where you can have different calls to action and the other is a specific landing page that has one simple call to action. This way, our chances of improving our conversion are increased considerably. It is important to consider the great effort required to attain the positioning and the possibility of multiple rankings as this is no easy feat. But if your budget, time and benefit are good, then it may be worth considering. There are many other strategies that some SEOs consider.

This strategy we only consider using it when a client is insisting that we take advantage of their additional domains (which someone else may have suggested to get). Work has to be distributed to all the different domains and microsites and rankings are independent from one another. If you plan on implementing this strategy yourself, we recommend to do so with caution and not abuse it.