What does it mean that Google is rolling out Caffeine? (to SEO)

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Google is taking caffeine and its about to become a little brat running around the house and messing all the stuff… or is it?

So Google has been rolling out Caffeine. As per their announcement before the holidays, Google was not going to commence rolling out the new changes in their indexing algorithm until after the seasons. According to several people among the SEO community, Caffeine has been seen in several servers across Google US.

As per Google’s own, Matt Cutts states: “It’s a re-write of our indexing infrastructure. It’s taking the old way that we used to index things that we’d crawled around the web, and we’re replacing that with new architecture that’s fresh and that had been written to be more scalable, more flexible, [with] the ability to attach different types of data, and in the process of indexing, the ability to do more documents for a more comprehensive version of the web, and the ability to do it faster.” (Text boldfaced for dramatic effect)

With the addition of real-time search and the new indexing techniques, ranking in Search Engines is becoming much more Google on Caffeine... Run!complicated than ever, and yet, for those who know, it seems to be as simple as ever. Soon people will come out with “magic” formulas to get your site ranking better. Is this the end of days for SEO? Will our Search Engine Optimization friends begin starving to death? Have the search engines finally put a stop to a practice that some consider wrong and immoral? Will Search Engine Optimization be a thing of the past? Nah! Changes come and go all the time and sooner than we know all is going to be business as usual (it actually hasn’t changed much, really).

Search Engine Optimization in the horizon

What does the future entail for the SEO industry? The reality is that SEO has been since quite some time, one more of the many tools available to online marketing companies. Should people begin worrying about the changes and how these will affect their rankings? Only if your site is small, has very little to give and its not updated regularly (all those online brochures out there, I’m looking at you!).

This Matt Cutts video talks about many other things, but please pay attention to about the minute 22 where he mentions Caffeine (and the quote from above this post).