Update on The Social Media Lesson

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This little update to my previous post is because I’ve been asked to clear my point about the Social media lesson. The reason for this blog to exist is to shed some light into the complications of the internet marketing world and hopefully, help someone with their own marketing efforts. My previous post had exactly that intention, although not very clearly defined.Even though the examples in the MSNBC.com article/gallery are extreme and mainly for fun and entertainment, the examples illustrate how the same social blunders of the real world affect the interactions in social media. Most people over-think social media strategies and forget about the simplest and most basic rules of social interaction, just to later wonder why the campaign is not flying as high as expected. Facebook, linkedin,

The lesson is: always follow the rules of social interaction. If you are not very adept in social interaction, most likely you will not be very apt for social media.

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