What business people use in LatinAmerica and Spain

posted in: Social Media

A common misconception is that social media in the Hispanic markets is not as important as it is in Canada or the USA. Certainly, it will be hard for Colombians, Mexican, Chileans or Spanish people to prefer a primarily English based social media website. A lot of them do use the same websites as people in US or Canada, but there a few differences in choices that completely different and unknown to most English speaking users.

One question that comes a lot is: Is there a LinkedIn market in Latam or Spain? The answer is: Of course! (Don´t need to be a guru to know that one). Now the issue here is that there aren´t as many Spanish speaking users in LinkedIn as one would expect. So, where are they?

One big trend for business people is to use a site called Xing.com. Now, Xing didn´t open the Spanish market, in fact, Xing is originally German, but has been purchasing other social networks in many countries to grow its base. Such is the case with what used to be known as Neurona.com (which now redirects to Xing). Neurona used to be big in Mexico and Spain until it was bought by Xing and all its users were migrated into the new platform.

Anyhow, the point is that to get in touch with business people in Spanish speaking countries, the social network to use is Xing.com (although LinkedIn is beginning to get some attention too).