What real Marketing does

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Wow! I love Apple! Its always a marketing inspiration, no matter where I am and what I’m doing. Most people like the brand, heck, even love it. Some poeple are extreme fanatics and go out and constantly promote it. That kind of brand loyalty, WOM (Word Of Mouth) and supermarketing effect makes Apple a sure marketing example to quote. This edit of Apple’s Keynote address in September 2009 is a way of dissecting the event. Notice how the keywords are related to each product and subject.

If you want to see the whole presentation, click here. Additional sweet spots to note, Steve Jobs is an excellent storyteller, the first thing he does upon entering the stage… he tells a story. A deep, emotional, quasi personal story that everyone can relate to. But not only that, he also associates other key concepts to Apple in the process. One being “generous”, as in, Apple’s customers should be generous (he uses “we”) when buying an Apple product (boy they are pricey!).

Steve Jobs and his marketing team are the real geniuses. Granted, Apple does have some great features, but the “cool, amazing” factor is what really brings the brand to where it is. Steve Jobs did it in his first tenure at Apple, and Apple was successful. He was fired, Apple went through a hard spot as there was no good marketing behind it, then Steve Jobs was begged to return, and the marketing party started again! Hats off to the smart marketing used in Apple.

Two lessons:

  • Always associate extremely powerful and positive concepts to your brand.
  • Learn how to tell deep, emotional stories to win your audience.