Improve your kitchen with a kitchen renovation

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Sometimes we find ourselves wndering if our kitchen could look better and be more funcitonal. This may turn into feelings of discomfort and insatisfaction with your old kitchen. Are you asking yourself if your kitchen still makes you happy? Maybe it is time for a kitchen renovation for which you should hire a home renovations Guelph company. You deserve to have a kitchen that brightens your day, not darkens your mood! If your kitchen is looking past its prime and in complete need of a renovation, maybe it is time to call the pros. Below, we outline our the top 10 tips for renovating your kitchen and getting rid of all outdated details.

1. Get better hardware

Check out your kitchen’s hardware. It is very easy to spot old harward in need ot retirement. Perhaps your kitchen hardware was once all the rage, but it has been on your home for a long time now. There are newer and better options, that make your life easier and more comfortable. A kitchen designer will help you pick new hinges, knobs, pulls, lighting fixtures, range hoods, and more. Some of the most popular choices right now include aluminum, stainless steel, brushed gold, and copper elements.

2. Upgrade your flooring

Old flooring can be ugly and even dangerous when you can see damage on it. New flooring is one of the most important elements to completing your kitchen renovation. There are a miriad of flooring options available, so choosing the right one can at times be overwhelming. A home renovator can help you pick the right material, style, colour, and finish for your flooring to make an impact on the overall feeling of your kitchen.

3. Do you have enough storage?

Have you been noticing how your storage space is insufficient? Are you constantly leaving stuff on the counters or even the floors as you have no room for your kithcneware and cooking materials? This is another clear indicator that your home is is need of a kitchen renovation. Adding storage solutions like built-in shelving, kitchen island cupboards, banquette seating, wine racks and other elements can and will improve your storage capacity and help maintain your working space in order and looking amazing.

4. Renew your cabinetry

If you look around your kitchen and you find that it is looking tired or worn out, then it is time to give your cabinetry a refresh. Find quality craftmanship that will bring your kitchen cabinetry to the next level. Custom and well designed cabinetry can do wonders for your kitchen. There are so many options available including different door styles, hardware styles, materials, colours, and finishes that our designers can help you look through so that you choose the right cabinetry for your kitchen renovation.

5. Get new countertops

Coutnertops are a very important element of your kitchen. They take a lot of space and are very visible. Modern countertop designs can bring a lot to the table. Newer materials like epoxy countertops are an excellent option for heat and chemical resistant counters that won’t get damaged easily. Traditional materials like granite and marble never go out of style. Look at different options and find the one that is right for you and your family.

6. Nothing a bit of paint can’t improve

This is the easiest most obvious solution. Often times, you don’t need a full kitchen reno, all you really need is a new coat of paint for your walls. Kitchen walls get dirty fairly quick, so the colour of your walls may not look great now. Repainting your kitchen can make it pop and give it new life you may have not seen before.

7. New lighting fixtures

Last but not least, most people tend to forget about lighting fixtures. You’ll be amazed how much a kitchen can change by simply adding new lighting fixtures or replacing the current ones with newer, better looking ones. The right lightin can give you kitchen a modern, sleek and elegant look. Tthe right lighting for your kitchen that is safe, provides the right ambiance, and is versatile. You want the proper combination of overhead, recessed, or pendant lighting to give your kitchen a modern look. Dimmers are also essential so that you can switch up the lighting depending on the time of day.