Post copiers and witless bloggers II

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This is part two of the little odyssey that could from some time back.

So, to whoever was or may be interested, the person removed the article after some heckling and nagging. Didn’t respond to any message or email, but simply removed the offending article, which was good, right? Unfortunately, other blogs have shown up. Nice! Now, the question is, is it worth it to chase all this copying? Guess not.

From now on, let people copy my stuff, at least it means my words are worth copying (even if it is just to do content stuffing!).

Have you noticed those “blogs” that only have copies of many posts from many websites for the sole purpose of creating an insurmountable amount of articles in their sites? Apparently, it helps their SEO efforts as having so many articles over a particular subject makes their blogs an “authority”. Now, if this were true, we should see a bunch of them on the first pages of Google, or at least their business sites (which is what they are really trying to promote).

Another strategy out there, is creating as many posts and articles as possible about 1 single subject but with as little meat as possible, mainly full of the same concept just “rolled over” and with some minor word changing (using synonyms and other tricks). These “blogs” do seem to work well, of course, the blog itself is pretty much garbage, but at least some results can be seen. Is this considered White Hat or Black Hat SEO? I can’t decide myself. I would call them black just because they are not really doing something honest (which is provide information to the public), but then again, they could be white just because they are creating so called original content every time (at least not copying it from others) and creating an enormous database of the same stuff. What do you, my 3 or 4 readers think?