Copywriting for money

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…or how to get people to give you money with your copy

When writing for anything that has the goal of someone giving you money, tell them why they should do it. We as buyers are only interested in your product or service for selfish reasons… what is known as the WIIFMs (or What’ s In It For Me).

There are way too many businesses that forget this rule and leave this all important messaging to the most hidden pages of their websites. When someone visits your site you have about 10 seconds to tell them in a convincing way that you are what they are looking for and why should they choose you.

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So, always remember to state clearly and quite visibly what your business is and does (usually in the form of a slogan or mission statement, even images do the trick if used properly) and to tell people why you are the best option out there in a simple and clear way.

This is where the WIFFMs come into play. Remember that when telling people why they should buy from you is not about how pretty or how much effort you put into developing your product or service, your copywriting (content) should focus on valid client motivations or WIFFMs. Find what drives your clients to buy from you and state those reasons clearly on your homepage and through all your website’s copy / content (users may land on any page, not just the homepage).

If you need help doing the copywriting and stating clearly why people should buy from you, maybe its time to consider hiring a professional copywriter, preferably one that is specialized in online marketing.

So, go out and happy writing (or actually, typing).