Digg gets trendy?

posted in: Social Media

Just heard today that Digg is launching a new feature:

Digg trends.

Now, this is an interesting little addition, here’s what Digg says about it:

Digg Trends is a new feature on Digg that highlights active upcoming stories that haven't yet hit the homepage. The concept is simple: stories that have received a lot of activity in a short period of time (Diggs, comments, etc.) will now appear in a special section at the top of the homepage for ten minutes. You can then Digg or bury the story, and depending on your vote recorded within those ten minutes, the story will either become popular or not.

This is a neat feature as will provide temporary exposure to some stories that usually don’t make it to the homepage.

On a side note, Digg is getting on Twitter too. These days it seems that most businesses are getting on with Twitter, although according to traffic trends, Twitter’s traffic has actually decreased in the last two months for the first time since it opened for business.